Plastic Evaluation

The pressure to innovate is constantly increasing and you need the right plastics for your product success? Gradical supports you in evaluating plastics for new developments. The market situation is precarious and raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce; you wonder if you are still being delivered tomorrow? Gradical supports you in finding and qualifying alternative materials. Do your customers demand more sustainability from your company? We will show you your options and support you in defining your strategy when it comes to sustainable plastics.

In this area, we offer the following services:

  • New Product Development

  • Alternative Materials

  • Sustainable Alternatives

  • Project Management for Material Change Overs

New Product Development

Are you developing new medical devices, in-vitro diagnostics or pharmaceutical packaging but you do not have a plastics expert in your team? We are your ideal partner. Our Gradical experts will address your specific plastics inquiries and accompany your company on a long-term basis if required.

Alternative Materials

Your production reliability is at risk due to supply difficulties? Gradical will find an alternative plastic for you that meets your highest requirements and will support you in the changeover.

Sustainable Alternatives

You want to become more sustainable and wonder what options are available to you? Gradical can help you define your sustainable plastics strategy and help you find sustainable plastics. We can provide expertise on topics such as:
– CO₂-reduktion and LCA
– recycled, bio-based or biodegradable plastics
– reprocessing
– weight savings
helping you shape a better world ̶ with plastics.

Project Management for Material Change Overs

Material changeovers in medical technology can be a major challenge for your company. Gradical can guide your project managers or we can take over the project management for you.