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Your Experts

Lucas R. Pianegonda
Lucas R. PianegondaManaging Director/Lead Plastic Expert
Lucas is your Gradical plastics expert Get your value through his master’s degree in materials sciences from ETH Zurich and his years of experience in the plastics and medical device industry.


  • Medical grade plastics
  • Material compliance
  • Medical devices
  • Sustainable plastics
  • Material testing
  • Plastic selection
Peter Pianegonda
Peter PianegondaLead Regulatory Expert
Peter is your Gradical Regulatory expert. His longstanding expertise in Regulatory Affairs, in-vitro diagnostic, auality management and medical devices makes him invaluable!


  • Material compliance
  • Quality Management
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Medical devices
  • In-Vitro Diagnostics

We improve your probability of project success

The plastic evaluation is crucial for a plastic changeover or new product development. If the wrong choice is made or the material issue is tackled too late, immense costs and delays can occur. The right choice of plastic is essential for safety and performance. Our Gradical experts can help you make the right material decision to reduce project lead times and costs.

We ensure your ability to deliver

The past few years have shown that the supply reliability of plastics can quickly deteriorate. Gradical supports you in developing a second source strategy and finds alternative materials for you that can meet your high requirements.

We help you save costs

We help you save costs: Whether it is costs of plastics, process improvements or project cost reductions; making the right plastics decision can often lead to significant savings. Gradical’s plastics experts can help you unlock the potential.

We lead you through all regulatory affairs

Substance regulations are constantly changing and your customers are overwhelming you with requests for compliance or unknown regulations? Gradical offers courses on material compliance in which your employees learn to apply a pragmatic approach to the topic. We also support you with templates for statements to keep your processes lean and efficient.

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We make you more sustainable

Gradical helps you develop and implement a sustainable strategy that fits your business. CO2 savings, recycled, bio-based as well as biodegradable plastics, reprocessing or weight reduction can contribute to your sustainability. Gradical has the expertise to help you do this.

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